Activities for Kids; Round-Up

Ten Activities for Kids; TagsThoughts.comA weekend roundup of TEN activities for kids!

Included are activities that help develop fine motor skills, a couple crafts that grandparents will love, along with homemade Play Dough and Fun Foam. Who doesn’t love creating with the squishy stuff?

You likely have the supplies in your kitchen to make Play Dough or Fun Foam. And if your kids like Fruit Loops, check the cereal cabinet. Those colorful Os are half of what you need to create an edible necklace!

Have an empty paper roll from paper towels, toilet paper or wrapping paper?  Use them to keep your little one’s hands busy.  And if you have clothespins or an egg carton you have the starting point for Caterpillars.

Follow the links below to keep those little hands busy this summer!

Upcycled Binoculars
’Hand’ Made Flag Shirt
Stained Glass Butterfly
Two Ingredient Fun Foam
Caterpillar Clothespin

Cereal Necklace
Ten Minute Play Dough
Pool Noodle Hopscotch
Hungry Hungry Egg Carton Caterpillar
Hand Winged Bald Eagle

Every Child is an Artist Quote;

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