All About My Dad; Free Printable for Kids

All About My Dad; Free Printable for Father's Day by trishsutton.comWitnessing the innocence of children is by far one of the greatest joys of being a parent.  The sweet honesty of little ones is so easy to adore.

An unprompted interview with a little one so innocent, sweet and honest can be surprising, heart warming & humorous.

And my ‘All About My Dad’ Free Printable is just the place to record those innocent statements.

I created a questionnaire to provide a sweet way to record those raw spoken words from the innocent years. Whether framed or tucked away in a keepsake binder filled with the interviews recorded over the years, the words once spoken are sure to be cherished.

Below there are two links for free printables.  Both have the same questions however one PDF has a boy stick figure at the bottom and the other PDF has a girl stick figure at the bottom.

All About My Dad; Free Printable for Father's Day by

All About My Dad – Boy/Son Stick Figure
All About My Dad – Girl/Daughter Stick Figure

I have to say, some of the answers that my four year old offered about his Daddy surprised me.  There were, of course, others that warmed my heart and then there was one in particular that I probably found much funnier than I should have.

All About My Dad; Free Printable for Father's Day by

Without a doubt, I know that my husband will cherish the unprompted ‘All About My Dad’ interview from 2015.

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12 thoughts on “All About My Dad; Free Printable for Kids

  1. This is perfect for Father’s Day coming up! I’ve done these types of interviews before for my husband and they always crack him up…me too! Kids say the funniest things. Great printable 🙂

  2. What a cute, cute idea! I will definitely be printing this up and holding onto it until the little dude can actually talk. 🙂 How fun would it be to eventually bind them all into a book!

  3. This is an amazing idea. I love that your 4 year old thinks his dad his dad weighs 10 pounds. It really makes me chuckle. I am definitely going to have my 6 year old complete this interview for here dad. He is going to love it!

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