All About My Mom

Will she save it in a file, put it in a frame or post it on the fridge? All About My Mom.All About My Mom, A Free Printable Interview for Mother's Day.

Whatever it is that Mom does with the words recorded on this sheet of paper, she will cherish the thoughts from this moment for years. 

Maybe Mom is 10 years old or maybe she weighs 10 pounds (which was my hub’s stats last Father’s Day). One can never be sure what words will come out of the mouths of children but with a record one will never forget.

A Printable Interview, All About My Mom

All About My Mom, A Free Printable Interview for Mother's Day.

A piece of paper, a printer, a pen and a child is all that you will need for this quick gift for Mom.

Print one or both by clicking on the Boy & Girl links below… 

All About My Mom, Boy
All About My Mom, Girl

All About My Mom, A Free Printable Interview for Mother's Day.

I will share what exactly it was that my five year old had to say about me in my Weekly Simplicity Newsletter later today. If you are a subscriber, watch for the email.

But in the meantime, I want to hear what your kids had to say about you…. do share!!

And Happy Mother’s Day!

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