How To Make A Burlap Wreath

Create a Burlap Wreath for under $10 in less than 20 minutes.

Burlap Wreath; Simple 20 Minute Tutorial Under $10;

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Recently I came across a video tutorial for a basic burlap wreath. The video was easy to follow and the steps were incredibly simple which was exactly what I was looking for to create a fall wreath for our front door.

After purchasing a three ring metal wreath and fall accents from the Dollar Tree Store I was ready to begin.

Burlap Wreath; Simple 20 Minute Tutorial Under $10;

How To Make A Fall Burlap Wreath


Burlap Wreath; Simple 20 Minute Tutorial Under $10;


The YouTube video by makes the basic steps easy to accomplish. After the burlap ribbon has been secured to the wreath there are three steps involved. Fold the burlap, press it through a ring, then twist the burlap ribbon and repeat.

Begin by pushing the end of the burlap ribbon through the metal wreath. Then fold it over one ring of the wreath and secure the burlap using a piece of wire.

Burlap Wreath; Simple 20 Minute Tutorial Under $10;

Next, create a fold in the burlap ribbon then press approximately one inch of the ribbon through the inner ring of the wreath. Twist the end of the burlap. Fold the burlap and push another inch of ribbon through the middle ring of the wreath. Once again, create a twist on the back of the wreath then follow the fold, press, twist steps through the third ring of the wreath. Start over with the inner ring and continue to create the bunched up look until you have filled the entire wreath with burlap.

Burlap Wreath; Simple 20 Minute Tutorial Under $10;

Add a piece of string or ribbon around the top of the wreath to be used as a hanger.

Accessorize the front of the wreath with fall accents.
– I used a short piece of wire to attach a small burlap stuffed owl;
– I then clipped the wire ends of artificial fall leaves and attached them by wrapping their wire ends through the wreath rings;
– Finally, I attached a burlap bow to the front of the wreath and it was ready to hang.

Burlap Wreath; Simple 20 Minute Tutorial Under $10;

Fall Burlap Wreath

As I have shared in the past, my favorite burlap ribbon is from Kenarry. Along with the ribbon I spent $4 at the Dollar Tree Store to purchase the burlap owl, fall leaves, burlap bow and floral wire to create the festive fall burlap wreath that has made it’s home on my front door.

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Burlap Wreath; Simple 20 Minute Tutorial Under $10;

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