Grilling Gift Tags | Four Flippin Free Printables

Think gift for a neighbor or teacher, Father’s Day, and birthdays! These grilling gift tags make it easy to share a practical gift in a thoughtful way.

Grilling Gift Tags; Four Flippin Free Printables,

It takes just a few minutes to create this flippin’ gift for grill masters and bakers alike! You can find spatulas at just about any store, including dollar stores. A simple way to give more than a spatula is to add it to a gift basket or pair it with a another item.

Think cookies or pancake mix for the bakers. A fun addition for the grill masters would be BBQ seasons or sauces. Better yet, this barbecue spatula doubles as a bottle opener – add a six pack of beer and you have one happy outdoor chef.

Grilling Gift Tags; Four Flippin Free Printables,

Grilling Gift Tags
Four Flippin’ Free Printables

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Grilling Gift Tags; Four Flippin Free Printables,


  • Simply print the sheet of flippin’ grilling gift tags (printable is in my subscriber library);
  • Cut out the desired tag then punch a hole through the top;
  • Then use a piece of jute, string, ribbon or twine to attach it to the spatula.

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