How To Clean A Microwave (The Easy Way)

How often do you clean your microwave? The better question is How often should you clean your microwave?

How To Clean A Microwave (The Easy Way)

Warning: there is photographic evidence below of one of the dirtiest place in my house and it’s gross.

My answers to the two questions above are drastically different. For some unknown reason I have the ability to ignore the caked on splattered food in our microwave for weeks, yet I can not relax until the spot of dust underneath the backside of the television has been removed.

Due to my procrastination I need an easy way to remove microwave grime, but how? 

How To Clean A Microwave (The Easy Way)

How To Clean A Microwave (The Easy Way)


  • 1 Cup Water
  • 1 Cup Vinegar


  • Microwave Safe Mug or Bowl
  • Dishcloth


  • Microwave this magic liquid mixture of Water and Vinegar for three to five minutes;
  • Then simply remove the container and effortlessly wipe the microwave clean!

How To Clean A Microwave (The Easy Way)

Years ago someone told me to warm a mug of water inside my microwave to steam it before cleaning it. And that worked tremendously. However, adding one part Vinegar is a game changer.

Now it’s your turn. What simple cleaning hack has made your life a little easier?

How To Clean A Microwave (The Easy Way)

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