Minions 2; Eat, Play And Wear Minion Round-Up

Minion withdrawals and the Minions 2 movie. They both exist (or will exist).

Minions 2; Eat, Play And Wear Minion Round-Up,

My Googly Eye Minion T-shirt is one of my most viewed posts on my blogsite and that silly shirt is stilled pinned on Pinterest weekly. Still. The yellow and blue character craze still exists. 

The Minions movie sequel is not expected to hit the big screen until 2018 which seems like a very long time to wait for a Minion fix. So to feed the addiction and quiet the withdrawals I invited Minion fans to share their favorite Minion creations right here.

Eat, play, wear and share Minions! This round-up of 25 Minion tutorials will fill the blue and yellow void until the Minions 2 movie is released in 2018.

Minions are EVERYWHERE. People seem to be crazy about the little creatures. Follow along to create your own DIY ‘Googly Eye’ Minion T-shirt.

Minions 2; Eat, Play And Wear Minion Round-Up

Minions in the Kitchen

Minion Bananas  |  Bake, Craft & DIY
Minion Ice Cream Gelatin Treats  |  Tip Toe Fairy
Minion Ice Cream Sandwiches  |  Desert Chica
Minions Pretzel Candy  |  Sweep Tight
Minion Pancakes  |  The Joys of Boys
Minion Sandwich  |  Moms and Crafters
Minion Cupcakes with Oreos  |  One Creative Mommy
Minion Jello Cups  |  Parenting Chaos
How to Make Minion Cake  |  Hezzi D’s Books and Cooks
Minions Granola Bars  |  Saving Dollars and Sense
Minion Cookie Jar  |  Coffee With Us 3
Minions Crochet Coffee Cup Cozy Pattern  |  Midwestern Moms

Minions 2; Eat, Play And Wear Minion Round-Up,

Minion Play Puppets

Minion Finger Puppets  |  Kids Activities Blog
Minion Finger Puppets  |  Craft on Sea
Minion Spoon Puppets  |  The Tip Toe Fairy
Minions Puppets  |  Moms and Crafters

Wearable Minions

Googly Eye Minion Shirt  |  By Trish Sutton
Minion Washer Necklace
 |  Kids Activities Blog
Minion Flip Flops  |  One Creative Mommy
DIY Minion Shoes  |  Moms and Crafters

Even More Minions

Minion Duct Tape Pencil Case  |  You Brew My Tea
Minion Bookmarks
 |  By Trish Sutton
Quick and Easy Minion Bookmark
 |  One Creative Mommy
DIY Minion Money Box  |  Craft on Sea
Minions Coin Bank  |  Aprons and Stilletos

Minions 2; Eat, Play And Wear Minion Round-Up,

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