Tour Through Blogland

I am excited and honored to be participating in the “Tour Through Blogland”. 

Tour Through BloglandLast week the tour stopped by Typically Simple.  Be sure to head over to the Typically Simple site and check out Kelly’s post when the tour made a stop in her home.  And if you aren’t already following Kelly you can find her at these links: Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter.

Today is the day I get to share my physical space with my viewers and the rest of blogland!! 

We recently bought a one story home and moved in just eight days ago!  I mention the “one story” part because for the past seven years we’ve had a two story home.  It has been kind of nice skipping the stairs to go to bed after long days of unpacking boxes.

For the most part we are settled and for the most part we are indebted to my family who made sure that our home was ready for move-in, rooms were painted, new appliances installed, new furniture assembled; not to mention that my aunts were on hand for the cable guy and even hired & paid for a house cleaner before we ever arrived!!

(Yes, we do know how blessed we are and I am grateful to have a husband who appreciates and loves my family just as much as I do; who would in turn do anything for them just as they do for us.)

Now… on to our new digs…

Our Family Room
Tour Through Blogland

Our Dining Room
Tour Through Blogland

The Play Room
Tour Through Blogland

The Boys’ Bedrooms
Tour Through Blogland

Tour Through Blogland

Our Master Bedroom
Tour Through Blogland

All of the photos above were taken by one of my husband’s best friends.  He is a dedicated teacher and amazing photographer.  If you are on Instagram I recommend you follow him ~ @woodography.  Check out his photo of the Super Moon!!  He took that from our back yard on Saturday night.  It’s incredible.

Back to the “Tour Through Blogland” and the questions yet to be answered…

1. What am I working on?
Being that we just moved I am currently working on a lot of “not so blogging” type things.  I have been painting walls (with the help of my Aunt & Husband), researching counter-tops for our kitchen & sinks for the bathrooms, organizing & labeling my craft closet and trying to decide just exactly what hangs on which wall.  Blog wise I am working on filling my August & September calendars and scheduling product reviews with various brands.

2. How does my work differ from those in my genre?
This is a hard question. I have met many bloggers with the same goals and traveling in the same direction as my site however I believe we each have a uniqueness to offer as we are different people sharing in this journey. My blog goals include offering information, tips, tricks and reviews that I would appreciate receiving with the hope that they make a difference for someone else. I want to share simple crafts, DIY projects and recipes that can be created with ease and loved by many.

3. Why do I write/create what I do?
Writing is the most natural way for me to express myself. It has always been my outlet as well as a passion of mine. I write for myself. I write because at any crossroad in life my Grandma would encourage me to write. I write to document. I write hoping that others will read my words and that those sentences make a difference in another’s journey.

4. How does my writing creative process work?
I am a note taker, list maker, binder loving, calendar planning, tea drinking gal!  As ideas come to mind I jot them down and work through structure during naptime or after my lil’ guy is in bed for the night.  With any hope, creativity is born and I roll with it… sometimes I just enjoy a lot of tea and get up to date on social media which is still a win – I love Instagram & Twitter!!

Tour Through Blogland

Now… back to the tour.  Next week the tour stops at Lauren from A Ruffled Heart’s home on Monday and then on Tuesday Heather from Krafts & Kiddos will open her doors.

laurenLauren is an amazing person who’s journey has been like none other.  She is a wife and mother who has had life saving heart surgery, lost everything in a fire, and truly writes from her heart.  I hope you stop over at her blog site for inspiration and follow her on Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter to keep up with her heartfelt posts and fun DIY crafts & projects.

heatherHeather is a mother of two and shares a ton of fun on her blog site.  She enjoys going to the beach and catching a good sunset, road trips, good books and going to see live music & concerts. Heather began blogging earlier this year and her blog site is filled with delicious recipes, useful tips, cute crafts & DIY projects.  Follow her on Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

As always, thank you for reading!

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