Pool Noodle Hopscotch

Pool-Noodle-Hopscotch-Yard-Game-Movable-Game-Board-trishsutton.comMy little guy’s latest game obsession is Hopscotch.  He has his own set of rules similar to the playground rules we were all taught growing up.

To begin my little guy draws out his Hopscotch Board on the concrete with sidewalk chalk.  He carefully numbers each square then without tossing any rocks he begins to hop from box to box.

It is imperative that both feet land in each square, in numerical order.

Not quite playground rules.  But he’s four.  And he has his family wrapped around his finger, so we play by his rules.

The ‘problem’ that my little guy seems to have the most trouble with is that his lines smudge from time to time.  According to him it doesn’t “make sense” to just draw over top the last game board.

And so with a clean slate he draws out his Hopscotch Board again.  And again, the almost perfect squares have the correct numbers in order from one to ten.  Yet it is just a matter of time until this ‘problem’ will arise again…

Pool Noodle Hopscotch… Problem solved.

Pool Noodle Hopscotch Yard Game; Movable Game Board | trishsutton.com

I created a game board that can be moved from surface to surface.  It is fun to play in the grass with no numbers or on the concrete with numbers drawn in each circle with sidewalk chalk.

The bonus is that the height encourages more of a ‘hop’ and works towards improving gross motor skills.

The pictures show just how easy it is to create a Pool Noodle Hopscotch. 

10 Pool Noodles, Duct Tape & a Player or Two

Bend each pool noodle into a circle then use duct tape to secure the shape.
Design the Hopscotch Board in whatever order the game master’s heart desires.

After a few games of Hopscotch, get creative and use the nerf-like rings for other yard games.  (‘Ring toss onto Daddy’s head’ was a big hit at our house.)

 Pool Noodle Hopscotch; Yard Game for Kids, DIY by TrishSutton.com

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