Teacher Appreciation Week Printable

Teacher Appreciation Week is the first full week of May each year.
Why not have your little one share their thanks with this Teacher Appreciation Week Printable?

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Teacher Appreciation Week Printable Thank You Note; Fill in the Blank. TrishSutton.com

One of the ways our school administration is encouraging the students to show their appreciation is by bringing in different classroom supplies. Each grade level has a suggested item to provide before week’s end at which point our teachers will have the opportunity to sift through the donations and take any needed supplies back to their classrooms. Kindergarten has been assigned Dry Erase Markers.

Along with a package of eight colorful markers and a bouquet of his favorite flower, my little guy is sharing a few words from his heart. He took the time to fill out my printable thank you note to share a few highlights from his first year of elementary school. Knowing his teacher, she will love it! She will undoubtedly love the Sunflowers too.

Teacher Appreciation Week Printable

Teacher Appreciation Week Printable Thank You Note; Fill in the Blank. TrishSutton.com

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Teacher Appreciation Week Printable Thank You Note; Fill in the Blank. TrishSutton.com

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If you happen to be a teacher… many thanks for all of the ways that you give!

Teacher Appreciation Week Printable Thank You Note; Fill in the Blank. TrishSutton.com

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