Halloween Game Free Printable Boo Your Friends and Neighbors

Spread autumn fun with this free printable Halloween Game! Booing unsuspecting friends and neighbors is as much fun for the runaway doorbell ringer as it is for the doorstep treats receiver.

Halloween Game You've Been Booed 2020; Free Printable

I originally shared the “You’ve Been Booed” game in 2017. That was when our house was booed by a phantom (six year old) ghost who we caught in the act on our Ring Doorbell camera. See my original post and the video evidence here. It was at that time that our family fell in love with this Halloween Game. Booing unsuspecting friends and neighbors has since become an annual tradition for us.

This year I decided it was time for a NEW look.

Enter: Halloween Game Free Printable (2020)
It’s the same ol’ sneaky game; however, I created a new colorful printable for the game. My previous purple lovable monster ‘You’ve Been Booed’ printable is still available here

Halloween Game You've Been Booed 2020; Free Printable
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Halloween Game Free Printable


Halloween Game You've Been Booed 2020; Free Printable


First, download and print my two page Free Printable Boo Game. The original game calls for Booing two neighbors; however, you can print as many copies as needed for the number of friends you plan on booing with treats.

Next fill Halloween bags, baskets or boxes with treats and trinkets. Then be sure to add a copy of the “We’ve Been Booed” sign along with the page of instructions and attach the “You’ve Been Booed” sign  the outside of your boo bag!

This Halloween game is meant to be anonymous so sneakily deliver the treats including the free printable to your unsuspecting friends and/or neighbors. Ring the doorbell, leave the treats at the door and run!

Halloween Game You've Been Booed 2020; Free Printable

pin it for later! trishsutton.com

Enjoy another sneaky festive & fun game at Christmas time! Same concept, different tagline;  ‘You’ve Been Socked!’

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