Chocolate Candy Bark Recipes

Six simple recipes sure to please weekend crowds! And all six of these Chocolate Candy Bark Recipes take just minutes to make.

Six simple recipes sure to please weekend crowds! All six of these Chocolate Candy Bark Recipes take just minutes to make. 


Double Chocolate S’mores BarkDouble Chocolate S'mores Bark Recipe;

Summer time has me thinking of all things S’mores! This Double Chocolate S’mores Bark is definitely one of my top two favorites. If you like S’mores you MUST try this recipe. And a couple of my other chocolate and marshmallow recipes: Sugar Cookie S’mores Bites and Chocolate Dipped S’mores on a Stick.

Chocolate Caramel Pretzel BarkChocolate Caramel Pretzel Bark Recipe;

Chocolate, caramel and pretzels; need I say more? I mean, really, does it get any better? This combination happens to be my family’s absolute favorite. If your family likes chocolate caramel and pretzels you must check out these recipes: Chocolate Dipped Caramel Stuffed Pretzels, Chocolate Chip Caramel Cake Bar, Just like ‘TWIX’ Dessert Squares and Rolos & Ritz Sandwiches.

Chocolate Mint Cookie BarkChocolate Mint Cookie Bark Recipe by; Two Ingredient Dessert

Without fail, I make this recipe every December. Mostly because the holiday baking goods stacked on center aisles at the store always include a pile of mint chips. And they always find their way into my shopping cart. Throughout the year I hunt down the mint chocolate chips at the grocery store and make this tasty treat for my mint chocolate loving family.

Chocolate Candy Bark

Chocolate Peppermint BarkSimple Chocolate Peppermint Bark,

This peppermint bark is another recipe that is made for Christmas. Of course, it can be made any other time too! If you have not tried the peppermint and chocolate flavor combination you are missing out! Grab some chocolate graham crackers, white chocolate chips & peppermint candies then head over HERE for the recipe.

Chocolate Vannilla Pretzel BarkSweet and salty. White Chocolate, vanilla and milk chocolate. Spring colors and festive sprinkles. Chocolate Vanilla Pretzel Bark Recipe.

Who doesn’t love salty and sweet? This bark can be topped with red, white and blue candies, green & red candies or any other seasonal holiday candies. The salty and sweet flavors are accomplished with the vanilla, white chocolate and pretzels. Candy pieces are optional.

Toffee Crunch Chocolate BarkSpooky Halloween Chocolate Bark Recipe by

Does this bark scare you? It shouldn’t! I added those candy eyes to the top of this Toffee Crunch Chocolate Bark for Halloween. This recipe is another one that does not need candy pieces. They are there for fun and the three bottom layers taste just as good with or without them.

All six of these recipes require few ingredients and are quick to prepare. Pin this post to save all six!!

Six simple recipes sure to please weekend crowds! All six of these Chocolate Candy Bark Recipes take just minutes to make. 

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