Simple Pepperoni Pizza Sliders | One Pan Recipe

There is always a need for a quick and simple meal at my house. If your house is anything like mine you need to print or pin this post. Simple Pepperoni Pizza Sliders; a one pan recipe. 

Simple Pepperoni Pizza Sliders; Appetizer or Family Meal.

A recipe that includes the words “simple” and “one pan” is, indeed, a recipe for me. And to top it off it includes the same ingredients as Pizza. READ: family approved. This quick and simple recipe is bound to become a family favorite for busy weeknights and (of course) it will be a big hit on weekends too. Think party appetizer.

Simple Pepperoni Pizza Sliders

What are your family’s favorite pizza toppings? My guys favor pepperoni and black olives which is exactly what I added to the pizza sliders that I shared on Kenarry: Ideas for the Home.

Simple Pepperoni Pizza Sliders; Appetizer or Family Meal. There is always a need for a quick and simple meal at our house. Simple Pepperoni Pizza Sliders; a one pan recipe for a family meal or party appetizer.

It is true that this recipe for Simple Pepperoni Pizza Sliders is a ‘one pan’ meal, however that does not mean that it is a ‘one way’ meal. In fact, you don’t even need to add pepperoni if you don’t want to! If you would prefer to create each pizza slider a different way that is up to you. Meats, veggies, four cheese, pineapple or all of the above. However it is that you prefer to top your pizza or in this case STUFF your pizza works with this simple recipe.

After you decide exactly what it is that you will add to your sliders head over HERE to Kenarry: Ideas for the Home for the details on making them.

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